Adventures with Polar Fleece

By (author)Nancy Cornwell


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Journey into virtually uncharted territory and discover the wonderful uses of Polarfleece “RM”! Allow author Nancy Cornwell to lead you on a sewing expedition. Adventures with Polarfleece “RM” covers such territories as fabric and garment care, sewing machine and serger basics, pattern choices and simple design changes. Follow a guided tour of sewing seams, edge finishing and no-hassle zippers. Learn to avoid the dreaded “frog mouth” buttonhole! Nancy includes an excursion into ultrasuede-drawcords, patches, button loops, piping and pockets, sculpturing, pintucks and embroidery. Create fifteen projects for play, work or fashion. Step-by-step photos and illustrations are included for jackets, a cape, blankets, pillows, exceptional accessories and more! Explore and discover Polarfleece “RM” possibilities for the entire family. Discover why Polarfeece “RM” is the sewing world’s premier fabric for comfort and warmth. Nancy Cornwell will lead you down a path of discovery filled with excitement, intrigue and inspiration. If the urge to explore is part of your nature, Adventures with Polarfeece “RM” is sure to generate great excitement. The heart of a fallen-away sewer will soon be recaptured and new sewers will be intrigued and inspired.

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A Sewing Expedition


Nancy Cornwell




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