Designing the Doll

By (author)Susanna Oroyan


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The author of Anatomy of a Doll “gives us a gift by distilling the spirits found in doll/figure art . . . then explains the fundamentals to pave the way” (Barbara Campbell, editor of Soft Dolls & Animals!).

Advance your dollmaking skills with this in-depth guide by master-dollmaker Susanna Oroyan! Susanna introduces you to her concept of “imaginative engineering” with a collection of design directions and technical processes that will help your ideas translate into reality.

  • Expands on concepts presented in Anatomy of a Dolland Fantastic Figures.
  • Covers a wide variety of construction methods, such as applications of wire armature in body construction, general concepts of mold making, sculpture mechanics, in-depth discussion of jointed figures, and methods of assembling your doll.
  • More than 250 full-color photos of dolls from 130 of the world’s top doll artists.
  • Over 200 detailed illustrations.
  • Explains elements of design, such as focal point, scale, harmony, style, and the use of color, texture, and pattern. Learn techniques of proportion for working with the human figure.
  • An excellent technical resource and reference book that will teach you how to develop ideas, then construct advanced art figures or dolls.

“The doll world has only just recovered from the excitement of having Anatomy of a Doll which showed us what was possible. Now we can learn to get it with this new effort, the fabulous Designing the Doll. Thank you, Susanna, where would we be without you?” —Elinor Peace Bailey, author of Storytelling with Dolls

“Demystifies the creation of dolls by offering techniques, basic construction and some very good thoughts on design . . . Filled with diagrams and color photos of dolls from some of the top contemporary doll-makers, inspiration is on every page.” —Polymer Clay

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From Concept to Construction


Susanna Oroyan




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